Policies for Groups & Private Events

When you block off a number of rooms you are making those rooms exclusively available for your guests only. This means that those rooms are not available to the general public. It is also likely that others seeking those dates will be turned away. For that reason it is important that you understand that you are financially responsible for the cost of those rooms.

We have 15 rooms evenly divided between three different buildings. Rooms are usually allocated to the group 5 at a time by building This is done to help preserve the integrity of your group. We will work with you to tailor the amount of rooms to your needs.

The fees for rooms are standard and require a 2 night minimum. Additional nights are possible and may have a discount applied. Standard fees for each building (5 rooms) are $1000 per night plus 11% tax. For all 15
rooms for 2 nights that would be $6,660.

Each building has 3 types of rooms, and are priced according to size and amenities. Standard $150, Deluxe $200 and Suite $250. To reserve all 15 rooms the full cost of the rooms is due January 15th of the calendar year of your event.

A specific agreement for your group will be provided outlining these policies. Upon receipt of your deposit and signature you will be provided with a special link to the Inn’s website so that your guests can book their own rooms.

Full fees for all rooms are due no later than January 15 of the calendar year of the event. All outstanding rooms not booked by your guests will be your financial responsibility. For that reason we suggest you send your invitations out in a timely manner.

Cancellations after January 15 are non-refundable unless that room is filled for the dates of your event. This can be accomplished two ways. Another guest from your party may book that room. Or you can decide to release that room to the general public. If that room is filled your guest will receive a full refund minus a $50 cancellation fee.

You may also release any number of rooms to the public not sold before your event. A final accounting of rooms will be made available at the end of your event, and you will receive a full refund of your room payments minus any unsold rooms.

Over the years we have booked more than one hundred groups and have found that the most successful ones undertook careful planning several months to one year in advance. This region is very popular because of it’s natural beauty and rural charm, as well as its wine growing prominence. This puts a burden on guests trying to secure lodging here in a very limited area. For that reason we understand the importance of finding a place for your guests to be comfortable and will work with you to make sure that they are.